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If you are intending to make alterations to a party wall, build close to a boundary, or if you want to alter the existing boundary wall, there is a good chance you will need to formally notify your neighbour under the Party Wall etc Act 1996. This can come as a shock to some, as ‘close to a boundary’ can sometimes be as far away as 6 metres in some cases.

In these instances, it is vital to get accurate advice at an early stage to avoid unnecessary disputes with any neighbours. Our input as Party Wall Surveyors could also help your designer gain useful space for your development.

The Act is in place to enable works, while protecting the adjoining owners. This is done by allowing assessment of neighbouring property, and sometimes requires safeguards to be built into the scheme.

Whether you are the building owner carrying out party wall works, or an adjoining owner looking to appoint a party wall surveyor, here at Lilly Surveyors we can provide all the necessary professional services in order to ensure that the Party Wall etc Act 1996 is fully complied with.



If there is a particular defect with a property that requires further investigation, a defect analysis report is the most suitable course of action. A Specific Defect Report is written to a similar level of detail as a Building Survey, it includes a detailed analysis of the problem, a specification for the repair, including estimated repair costs, and details of at least two suitable contractors that we’ve recommended in the past, and about whom we have received positive feedback.

We offer this service as a standalone report or as a follow-up to an RICS Homebuyer Report.

This report will allow buyers to renegotiate the purchase of a property with full confidence that they have all information available to hand.



The two most common reasons for a schedule of condition are to record the condition of a building before a lease starts or before building work starts. The building work may actually be taking place in another property, for example when a neighbour’s terraced house is being renovated and the work could affect a party wall.

The schedule normally includes numerous photographs that provide an accurate record of the building at the date of inspection.



Once you have gained all the approvals needed for your scheme to proceed you still have the challenge of finding a competent contractor to build for you, at a price you are comfortable with.

We can offer a complete solution, whereby we contract administer on your behalf, putting a scheme out to tender to your chosen contractors. Based on experience, we will then be happy to offer advice on potential contractors, having had dealings with many local and regional firms.

In order to protect the interests of both the client and the contractor we then prepare the construction contract. We will then provide detailed supervision of the contractor on site, and oversee the agreement of the final account for the works.

At Lilly Surveyors we have considerable experience dealing with construction contracts and contract administration matters and would be happy to provide further advice and assistance on any construction project, in conjunction with or separate to the architectural services we also provide.