Maintenance & Repairs


Buildings cannot simply be left to weather the external elements and internal physical deterioration without being cared for. Regardless of age, all buildings, both period and modern, need cyclical repair and maintenance in order to function in the way that they were originally intended, and to prevent more serious and costly defects.

A planned preventative maintenance schedule can be used to detail and prioritise the defects associated with your building or property portfolio, and can be used to plan the essential and anticipated repairs to the buildings over an acceptable period, in order to prevent large hidden repair costs.

Maintenance schedules are commonly used for commercial buildings, schools or large blocks of flats in order to assess condition, priortise workload and ease expenditure.

Once we have prepared a maintenance plan for your property we will discuss your priorities with you and make plans for the future of your buildings. We’ll also advise on your budgeting, and help to incorporate these elements into an overall strategy.